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Our Premium Soft multi-fold towels are preferred in softness, performance and appearance for a better restroom experience.1

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The Experience

We know your customers expect a high-end restroom experience. Our luxurious hand towels deliver complete comfort in a way you can feel good about.


Comfort and image go hand-in-hand. It’s why our high-end towels offer both superior softness and a better user experience. So your restroom makes an impression you and your customers can feel good about.


High-end restrooms demand high-performance. That means stronger, more absorbent towels to help customers dry their hands completely. It also means peace of mind knowing your restroom can handle high-traffic use with ease.


Our towels are held responsible. Blending soft and renewable layers, we customized our high-end collection to deliver true, sustainable comfort. And one-at-a-time dispensing can reduce waste, leaving a positive impression on customers and minimizing the impact on our planet.

The Collection

Our high-end collection comes in a range of quality tiers to complement any restroom. With a variety of sizes and folds to choose from, you’re sure to find a Tork towel that fits your dispensers – and your budget.

Premium Extra Soft

A hand towel with luxurious softness and performance for a restroom that lets customers know you care.

Premium Soft

A range of efficient, high-quality towels providing complete comfort and convenience.

Advanced Soft

A standard range of reliable towels. Combines a soft experience with cost efficiency.

Simply Preferred

In a blind test against a leading brand, Tork Premium Soft multi-fold towels were preferred by employees in Class A Office Buildings—for several categories and overall.1

Preferred for Hand Feel
More people preferred the hand feel of Tork Premium Soft multi-fold towels over various comparable towels. As many as 74% preferred Tork to the leading brand.2

Preferred for Performance
Tork towels were rated higher for performance and absorbency.3 Strong material and QuickDryTM design helps dry hands fast and thoroughly, without breaking apart.

Preferred for Appearance
In environments where impressions make the difference, an average of four out of five people preferred the appearance of Tork Premium Soft multi-fold towels.4

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  • The Leaf Story

    This is the Leaf.

    It represents the very nature of simple elegance.

    That’s why we’re offering a collection of high-end towels with the Leaf, to provide your customers a luxurious experience.

    Soft, strong and smart—our towels deliver complete comfort in a way you can feel good about.

    Best of all, customers who see and feel the Leaf on our towels know your business upholds the same high-end image.

    Because your restroom makes an impression.
    And impressions make the difference.


    With SCA, sustainability and better business go hand in hand to deliver solutions that help you achieve a greater return on your most important investments: people, planet and profit. That’s better business. Naturally.


    We try to make a difference you can see and feel. Our innovative dispensing solutions reduce consumption and labor, leading to more cost savings for you.


    Healthy practices create happier people. SCA solutions help attract and retain customers while boosting employee satisfaction and morale.


    We minimize environmental footprint along every step of the product lifecycle – from design and manufacturing to delivery and use.