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Meet the new, purpose-built Tork Washstation Dispenser. It’s precisely engineered and HACCP International certified to help mitigate risks, increase operational efficiencies, and handle the pressures of a rigorous environment.

Experience the only hands-free, water-resistant dispenser and refill system of its kind.

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Minimize risks

Designed from the ground up, the Tork Washstation Dispenser fits seamlessly into your cleaning or HACCP protocols. It’s built to withstand wet environments and does not require removal during spray-downs, keeping refills safe and hygienic for every use. And with a smooth, durable, plastic casing, it’s easier to maintain and keep clean.


Maximize efficiencies

Save on cost, labor and waste with a water-resistant dispenser that protects refills during spray-downs and in wet areas—all while delivering a stylish impression. And at 1,150 feet of quick-absorbent wipers, the Tork Washstation Dispenser holds the longest refills on the market, so you don’t have to reload as often.

A seamless fit for your HACCP protocol

You face some of the toughest challenges. That’s why you need dispensers and refills that are hands-free, water resistant, and HACCP International certified.

What is HACCP? Mandated by the USDA, FDA and CFIA, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a world-renowned international process control system designed to help food processors enhance food safety.

Did you know?

The foundation for today’s HACCP process was developed nearly 30 years ago as a means for ensuring food safety for astronauts. Companies in the United States and Canada are now applying this space-age technology to food safety.

The HACCP assurance

It’s easy for food processors to comply with HACCP International protocols. But with the Tork Washstation Dispenser you can count on the only hands-free, water-resistant dispenser and refill system that’s certified by HACCP International.

Designed with food safety in mind. The Tork Washstation Dispenser prevents the paper wiper inside from getting wet as a result of collateral water spray during wipe and spray-downs.

Easy to clean. The smooth edges and channels of the dispenser make it water-resistant and easier to maintain and clean. Water is channeled off and away from the refills preventing water from pooling. As a result, the potential for bacterial growth is reduced.

Likely to reduce contamination risks. One-at-a-time dispensing means workers will only touch the paper they take—not the dispenser, and use no more paper than they need.

Seamlessly integrates with existing protocols. The Tork Washstation Dispenser satisfies all your business needs while fitting right into your existing cleaning protocols.

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